Ensuring only authorised persons are granted access to buildings, and unwelcome visitors are denied access is a major problem in today’s modern living environments. TOPGUARD supply and install a complete range of Access Control systems.

From mechanical single door controls to the ultimate in electronic multi-user, multi-door systems, you can ensure access to your premises is fully controlled. Using the latest technology from leading manufactures, many systems now utilise computer controlled networks. This allows full integration with other security features including intruder alarms and closed circuit television.

Commercial applications are diverse,Access mag reader including controlled entry to offices, hospitals, leisure clubs and warehouses.

Domestic use has also seen an increase with video door entry systems now common place in residential homes, apartment buildings, or for those living alone.

By combining TOPGUARD‘s access control systems with CCTV surveillance and intruder detection, you can be assured of the highest level of security for your premises.