It is now a proven fact that the installation of a C.C.T.V. System is the strongest deterrent to criminal activity available today. Recent reports indicate that crime decreases by upto 95% in areas where C.C.T.V. is installed.

TOPGUARD has designed and installed systems from single camera domestic systems to large multi camera systems for shops, pubs, schools, hospitals etc. Utilising our vast knowledge and experience of C.C.T.V. systems we can customise an observation system for any application.

More than 50% of retail theft is committed by employees, not customers. Protect your stock and monitor your staff, discretely and effectively using our superb hi-resolution covert cameras. These cameras can be supplied and installed in many innocent looking objects, some examples are listed below:



STOP LOSSES FROM YOUR TILL – Leakage from the till and other staff related crime is universally recognized as the largest cause for losses throughout the trade industry. By monitoring the till area you can be aware of everything that happens at your point of sale. This in itself can prevent dishonesty from staff, pilferage, till-snatches and customer disputes.

ELIMINATE CRIME – By monitoring your area of business you can stop theft, vandalism, public disorder and acts of violence. The mere fact that people are aware that their actions are being monitored & recorded acts as the most powerful deterrent of all.

PROTECT YOUR CUSTOMERS & STAFF – CCTV Cameras have a dramatic effect in stopping occurrences such as bag-snatches, pick-pocketing and other similar crimes. If you provide a car park, CCTV Cameras have been proven to cut car crime/theft by up to 97%.

HAVE INDISPUTABLE PROOF – It is no exaggeration to say that CCTV has had more impact on law enforcement policy than just about any other technological initiative in the past 20 years. CCTV evidence has created a vastly increased rate of conviction. Almost everyone caught committing an offense on camera pleads guilty in court. Once people know they have been recorded on camera, they admit the offense immediately.