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• Automatic siren cut-out timer (20 min),with auto reset. Once the external siren has deactivated, the control panel resets itself , thus ensuring your property is protected at all times even against repeated attacks.

• A 40 event memory showing time and date, as well as zone ID and users.

• The Control panel is housed in a steel anti-tamper proof cabinet

• Up-to 4 different user codes including one master code are programmable.

• Each zone has its own 24 hour anti -tamper loop thus any interference with the system will register.

• The remote keypad is normally located near your main entry / exit door.

• This unit is slim line and has an aesthetically pleasing design.

• When you arm or disarm your system you will hear an audio message telling you “SYSTEM ARMING “ or “SYSTEM UNSET” making it very user friendly .

• The keypad has an LCD display which shows a literal description for each zone e.g. if your kitchen window is on Zone 1 and you forget to close it before arming the system the keypad will tell you (OPEN ZONE 1) (KITCHEN WINDOW).


External Sirens, often referred to as Bell-Boxes are fitted externally at an elevated height in a weather-resistant housing. This unit incorporates an independent battery and charging system. They incorporate flashing L.E.D.’s which display at all times whether the alarm is armed or un-armed. These L.E.D.’s are a very strong visual deterrent .Any unauthorized interference i.e. removal or vandalizing of the bell box, will cause the unit to register alarm condition.

Top Guard Alarms


Internal high-pitched siren are fitted internally at an elevated height. Both this siren and the external siren will sound instantly when the alarm is activated.


These detectors are usually fitted to the frames of your vulnerable perimeter windows and doors. They will detect the glass being smashed,forced or broken. Modern P.V.C. windows and doors are especially vunerable to glass panels being removed however the installation of these devices makes this task a lot more difficult for an Intruder without activating the alarm system


These detectors are usually fitted to the opening of your vulnerable perimeter windows and doors. They detect the window or door being opened.

Intruder Alarms Cork

Intruder Alarms Cork


These detectors or beams as they are often called detect movement, and are normally fitted in your most vulnerable areas.


These units are often fitted in your bedroom and or near external doors. If pressed they activate the alarm immediately even if the system is not turned on. We can also supply mobile panic buttons which can be worn on a pendant or on a belt clip.


Every system that we install can be connected to a monitoring station or we can programme your chosen system to contact you, your family or friends by sending a text message to their mobile phones, via a digital communicator which can be added to your chosen system. Whichever form of Monitoring you choose it will bring your Alarm System to a higher level of security ensuring that if an Intruder attempts is to break in the Gardaí or relevant key-holders will be notified immediately. It is not necessary to have a monitored system but it helps to put your mind at ease knowing your home or business is being protected every second of every hour, 24 hours a day.