Protecting your home, family and property from the harsh reality of crime in our hi-tech world is an over whelming burden for most families’ .While no home or business is immune to the threat of crime, this does not mean it’s beyond your control. Selecting the product and the company which will protect your family, your home, or your business is not a process to be taken lightly. Topguard Alarms has OVER 18 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE and have an EXEMPLARY RECORD RECORD in this area by utilising the most up to date and most advanced security systems we can deter most criminals from even contemplating or attempting an attack on your premises. Merely having a security system reduces the risk of break-in’s by encouraging criminals to move on to easier targets but in order to have full peace of mind and guaranteed safety, YOU NEED PROFESSIONALS such as “TOPGUARD ALARMS “to provide the protection required should a criminal “have a go”. We have over 18 years experience in the security industry and in that time we have NEVER BEEN UNABLE TO FULLY PROTECT OUR CUSTOMERS PROPERTIES OR FAMILIES.


We can normally provide a quotation for the installation of an Intruder Alarm especially pre-wired houses over the phone however you can avail of our free site survey / risk assessment service free of charge without obligation if you would prefer. During this survey we will give you a full risk assessment of the property and go through any individual requirements that you may have, this will enable us to customize a system specifically for you. All equipment that we use is insurance approved and complies with all current Insurance standards so you can be guaranteed that the system that we recommend will be the best available. The systems that we install are manufactured by leading security companies such as H.K.C., Aritech, etc. All these systems are designed with the customer in mind and are extremely user friendly and reliable