Huge advances in technology over the past few years have made wire free alarm systems as popular as a traditional wired alarm. A wirefree system can be installed in half the time, with less interruption to your premises. Wire-free alarms systems are ideal for use in situations where hard wiring is particularly difficult, impossible or prohibitively expensive.Depending on the size of your premises a wire free system can usually be installed within a day. Our Wire free systems are designed to meet your specific requirements with the latest technology to ensure you are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The security system works using radio signals from your alarm devices back to the main control unit which activates your alarm. The battery life on professional level wireless devices which we use is in excess of 3-4 years, meaning you do not need to worry about high maintenance.

What does “Hybrid System” mean?

This means that some components are hardwired into the control panel, while others are wireless. For example the keypad, external and internal alarm sirens and motion sensors use a lot of power so to have them wireless would require constant battery changes, so it is better to wire these components. Wires for these items are easily hidden and unobtrusive. The shock sensors on your windows and doors can be wire free as they last for several years without battery changes.

Why do we use HKC “Secure wave” Wire free systems?

The HKC Secure wave control panel and keypad is now the most modern and reliable control panel on the market. HKC are already the biggest selling manufacturers of alarm control panels in Ireland., AN ESTIMATED ½ MILLION HKC ALARM PANELS HAVE BEEN ALREADY FITTED TO HOMES AND BUSINESSES ALL OVER IRELAND, It is the favored brand for most installers and the new Secure wave hybrid panel is rapidly becoming the biggest selling wireless capable control panel in Ireland This latest Secure wave panel is capable of both wired and wire free compatibility. It is also compatible with all forms of alarm monitoring; including the latest text message dialer add on option. Secure wave has 2 obvious major advantages over all other wire-free systems – It is trusted by true professional Installers and it is manufactured by a trusted, proven company which are the market leaders in Ireland.

PLEASE NOTE The many so called “cheap” obscure imported wire free alarms available do not have the reliability and long life of the Secure wave. These imported wire free systems WILL NOT BE INSTALLED BY PROFESSIONAL, CONCIOENCIOUS installers as they are such INFERIOR PRODUCTS.

DO not be fooled by gimmicks or so called “special offers”